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Agile Testing

Software, web app, or business product that you have developed needs to work as desired but when it doesn’t, it can bring in stress and burden which eventually leads to bad user experience, loss or revenue and no growth. Therefore, it is time to get your software or application tested by professionals.

Moreover, bad tested product can be detrimental to your business, it can take your customers away, disrupt business functionality and may have the potential to decrease revenue. Therefore, it is always indispensable what you shall analyze your business systems and make sure that it is not faulty. We are here to carry out testing for you whenever you want.

If you delay in tracking out testing needs, you bring yourself closer to destruction in business. So, it is time that you contact us and get all problems eliminated.

OpsAway IT Services has strongly recommended testing for various hundreds of agile development projects & has reusable assets being “User Story Prioritization Tool” and “App & Portfolio Prioritization Tool” that enable powerful & efficient testing.

OpsAway IT Services matured & proven test program seamlessly blends with the client’s Agile/Hybrid development methods. This methodology assures that testing supplements development, & benefits adopt automation by continuous integration & implementation of testing techniques (TDD, BDD et al). This way also serves to achieve time-to-market and decreases defect slippage.

OpsAway IT Services method takes care of “quality & timeliness”. Our lean governance model allows the “right level of information to right-stakeholders (clients adopting agile) at the right time”. OpsAway IT Services also has an institutionalized metrics & measurement framework to method & monitor sprint velocity/retro trends, backlogs, burn rate, etc. that provide performance visibility and confidence to all stakeholders (Dev, BAs, QA, Infrastructure and Executive Teams) for release readiness.


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Training Courses

Software Testing Training

This course is the perfect opportunity for all those who are looking for Software Testing (basics + advanced) training.

Agile Method Training

Learn the importance of being Agile, the key aspects of value-driven development, adaptive planning techniques, and how to be collaborative with customers, clients, and teams.

Business Analysis Training

Learning Tree's Business Analysis training curriculum moves from the fundamentals to user requirements, to Agile and modeling.

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OpsAway IT Services, Leaders in Independent Software Testing (IST) Services, is headquartered at Hyderabad, India. OpsAway IT Services offerings include Quality Engineering, Advisory & Transformation, Next Generation Testing, Regression testing, Integration testing, User Acceptance Testing(UAT), Cross browser testing and Core Testing

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